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In 1998, I founded Erlach Computer Consulting to provide IT management services to the Northern Nevada business community. At the time, few companies were providing the professional services needed to implement and align hardware and software with a business’ goals. Starting out, it was common for me to encounter business owners who were sold equipment without a care for whether it met their objectives. Seeing this dynamic, I knew there was a need for someone to represent the client’s needs in the technology world.

At Erlach, we are unique in our approach: first learning your business needs, THEN crafting a solution to further them. Rather than leading with a solution or product, we lead by LISTENING. Today it’s not just hardware and software our clients need help managing, but the Internet, phone, copiers, websites, email, smartphones, and tablets, and the employees that use them. The interdependency of all of these systems, devices and employees is such that, if you don’t have one person coordinating them, you’re losing productivity, your data is at risk, and your competitive edge is dulled. At Erlach, we make it our business to help you overcome these challenges - allowing you to enjoy a smoother technology experience, greater peace of mind, and improved bottom line performance.

Tim Erlach,
Owner, Erlach Computer Consulting

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