Letter from the Owner

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Looking for reliable proactive IT support? Lost faith in your current IT provider to effectively monitor, maintain and manage your network? Is their oversight starting to affect the productivity of your staff? Need to get ahead of your competition, but your technology is holding you back?

Let Erlach Computer Consulting focus on managing your information technology environment so you and your staff can focus on doing your jobs.

We believe IT must provide a return on investment. IT should be delivered by people who are courteous, patient, creative and forward looking. The Erlach team of certified IT consultants manages your investment in technology in order to maximize productivity, increase your competitive edge, provide you peace of mind and increase your bottom line.

Through our Managed Service offering Erlach delivers IT infrastructure management that allows you to more easily predict and plan for IT expenses. We assume day-to-day responsibility for servers, PCs, firewall, network hardware and end user support. By implementing systems and processes for 24/7 monitoring, management, and regular maintenance we help keep your IT infrastructure safe, secure, and healthy for much less than you can do it. Routine executive level consultation keeps your management abreast of current and developing technology trends so new technologies inline with your business goals may be implemented.

We are your complete outsourced IT department.

If you want your systems to run well, your data protected and maximum uptime for your employees, call us for a complimentary consultation today!

Tim Erlach
President, Erlach Computer Consulting

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