Google’s Android Proves a Competitor in the Mobile Marketplace

Phones based on Google's Android operating system outsold Apple's iPhone in Q1 of 2010. This new entry to the market place gives consumer's some options that Apple can't or has been reluctant to offer. Particularly Android offers a choice of different hardware sizes, shapes and styles, and perhaps more importantly, the ability to select your cellular carrier.'s Don Reisinger list 10 reasons why Android will give the iPhone a run for it's money.

How will Android fair in the Enterprise market place? Android is not there yet, but being backed by Google it will have the war chest to battle its way into that market space. Windows Mobile still has the advantage of integrating tightly with Microsoft's Exchange Server for over the air email, calendar and contact synchronization.

I believe initially Android will find market penetration in the consumer market place. Individuals like the new features and don’t have to worry about how their technology choice will impact the rest of the folks in the office. As familiarity increases and if the phone proves to be stable and reliable, the more conservative business world will begin to adopt it.

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