Gadgets: From Under-the-Radar to Under the Tree

With only a few weeks left until we’re in the heart of the holiday season, it may look like there are only two “must-have” items for that tech-savvy person on our shopping lists: either a smartphone or a tablet. However, thousands of would-be perfect gadget gifts are going unnoticed. Advertisers are emphasizing big-ticket gizmos when plenty of gift-worthy devices are left under the radar instead of the tree. Take a look at a few terrific eco-conscious, economical and clever high-tech and geeky gifts. 

Gadgets make great gifts – whether they’re practical or not

Someone may not love the 40-in-1 Swiss Army Knife, however they may be enamored with the 6-in-1 key chain. Either way, they’ll discover a use for it at some point. Tech-geek gadgets are especially good for individuals on a tight budget. So, while the Starship Enterprise pizza cutter ( or these crocheted headphones won’t break the bank, they’re bound to please!

Gadgets for the hard-to-shop-for individual

So what makes a good gadget gift? It really depends on how tech-savvy the recipient is, and just how much you’d like to spend. If you have a little bit more money and the individual is environmentally conscious, you may opt for a “green” choice. Eco-friendly products abound and are especially sought after this year. From hand-powered paper shredders to solar-powered tiki torches, many options exist for that inner tree-hugger in all of us.

Tablet or smartphone owners

For those friends and relatives who already own smartphones or tablets, there are gadget accessories that are sure to brighten their day. In general, the intent for tablets and smartphone is to be solely touch-screen based. However, many people prefer a physical keyboard when typing for long periods of time on their tablet or smartphone. That’s why these gadgets are certain to be welcomed with open arms! Both of these cases, one for the iPad,  and one for the iPhone, are designed with a physical keyboard included.

The wonderful aspect of gadgets is that they are always at hand. Gadgets can make our lives a little easier and a a bit more fun. Hopefully these “under-the-radar” gift ideas might allow you to stretch your mind somewhat this holiday season and find that special someone a techy gadget they’ll treasure.

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