Web Focused, How the Face of Business is Changing

The face of business has turned online the past few years. There was once less competition for business and getting your name out was straightforward, hire an ad agency or go door to door introducing your business. Now the number of business that offer similar goods and services is astonishing and it’s easy to get lost amongst them. For this reason, small-business owners have had to reevaluate the way they sell. But how do you convice prospective customers that they should choose you out of the many. Developing a strong online presence is a proactive way to do this, below are a few options open to business owners today.

Becoming Mobile

Many people carry a mobile device so they can access their email and remain on top of their business and private life even when on the go. Business have the option of creating an independent mobile site that retains the image they achieve on their regular site while making life easier for people accessing their site on a mobile device. This not only shows the consumer that you are aware of their busy life and but that you are current and knowledgeable about the way the world works.

Social Sites

These are an interesting phenomena, originally they were intended as sites primarily for personal socializing. But when Facebook came out, their clean utilitarian site enticed businesses owners. Those individuals realized they could reach a wide audience by creating a social face for their business. Now almost every business has a Facebook page. Social sites give companies a platform to share interesting and fun content that is related to their industry with consumers. Creating this on-line community is a passive way to create sales. You may have heard about Google , they have recently unveiled their business pages. Check out this walk-though to learn how you can set up a Google business page. Social sites are a nonintrusive way to communicate with a large audience that I predicted the relationship between businesses and social sites a long and fruitful one.

On-line Education

You have probably noticed the growing number of businesses that have blogs, these allow companies to give educational information without trying to obviously sell the person something. Offering educational content is a great way to show for potential customers how knowledgeable your company is and develop trust. Webinars and blogs are two great ways to do this. In this way companies can stand out from their competition by showing their extensive knowledge and this can cause sales indirectly.

While the on-line business community is growing we can still visit local shop where the owner works behind the counter but more then likely that business has some kind of on-line presence. Business are not just street facing anymore but Web facing as well. Being aware of the changing face of business and open to it will make you a more educated business owner and/or consumer.  Here is another article about why creating an on-line presence is good business practice.

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