Disaster Recovery: What it Means For Your Business

As a small business owner, you might have worried about all the what-ifs that come into play if a disaster were to occur. Precisely what does it mean when we talk about a disaster? It may mean a natural disaster destroying all of your data, a simple download of a virus that corrupts your systems, or an employee accidently deleting something they shouldn’t have. Whatever happens it can be hard and time intensive to recuperate from. Create a disaster recovery plan so that if the time ever comes, there is a plan set up to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Decide What’s Important

The first step is knowing what you have and what’s important. Take an inventory of all the data that is critical for your business to run. This will lead you to the data that should be backed up. Using an online provider or the cloud to store all of your data is one way to ensure data recovery if your hard drive crashes and burns.

Make a Plan

The second step is deciding the steps that need to be taken to get your company back on its feet as quickly as possible. Consider the worst possible scenario and the way to recover from that. Which systems must be recovered first and what technology is going to be required to do this?

Know Your Workflows

I’m sure you have the overall picture of your company processes, but how about all the day-to-day processes that you don’t have memorized? Ask your employees to document their workflows and the actual tasks they preform. This way, if something does happen, anyone can pick up where they left off and nothing gets looked over.

Decide Who is in Charge

Depending on the kind of disaster you experience, your employees could panic.  Before this happens, choose one levelheaded person in the company to be “in charge” of the disaster recovery plan. They should know the plan as well as you do and possibly have helped you create it. This is the individual you turn to for execution of the plan, so that you can be the strong leader your employees need at a time such as this.

Disaster can happen to anyone! So before it does, develop a good plan so that you know what to do. It will make both your employees and you feel more secure.

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