What is this Pinterest Thing, and What Does it Mean to Me

Tired of social media? Ignoring it all together? Well, jump on the bandwagon, because it’s not going away! In fact a brand new site recently popped up that is becoming popular: Pinterest. Pinterest is a bit different than sites like Facebook and Twitter, since it focuses purely on the interests of the users. This encourages creativity by allowing you to share your interests with other people instead of just posting updates concerning your day-to-day life.

But what is it all about? The name of the website is a hint. Pinterest is a combination of the words “pin” and “interest”. Once you have a Pinterest account you literally create “pinboards” and “pin” images of stuff you like or have an interest in, resulting in a collage of your tastes.

Creating Pinterest Categories

With Pinterest you can create different categories, such as business and fashion, then pin images to each category and make notes with regards to the images as well as links to the website you found them on. After that you can decide to share all of your pinboards or only a couple with other Pinterest users.

The Social Part of Pinterest

Just like Facebook and Twitter, you can choose to follow coworkers and friends. You don’t have to follow all of a friend’s collections; for example, you can choose to follow only their collection of art, while choosing not to follow the restaurants they love in their area.

Joining Pinterest

The main challenge with Pinterest is getting an account: you have to be invited to join. You can request an invitation directly from Pinterest when you go to the site, but it is uncertain just how long you will have to wait to receive an invitation using this method. It is far more reliable to find friends or acquaintances that are already using Pinterest. You can then have them invite you to the site through e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter.

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