Bing is Worth Another Look

When searching for something on the Internet, the majority of people automatically go to Google. We even use it as a verb when we “Google” something. However, a lesser-used yet robust search engine is Microsoft’s Bing. While Bing may be often overlooked, it actually has a lot to offer surfers of the Web.

Taking Another Look at Bing

When searching on Bing, you get more information about your search results then you do with Google. Bing features a navigation panel on the left that enables users to focus their search effortlessly. Additionally, it organizes search results into logical categories, making it easier to find quick answers.

Bing Goes Beyond Search Results

Another great thing about Bing is that it doesn’t just bring up search results. It also brings up related videos, music, and images. Although this is an element of Google as well, Bing makes it more user friendly, as the categories are right beneath the search bar. Bing beats Google for travel searches too. They use something called Farecast Technology in the Bing Travel site; it lets users find the cheapest flights quickly and easily.

Bing Video Search Shines

When you are looking for videos, Bing is ahead of the game. Users can specify their desired length, size, and resolution. One other notable feature is that simply by hovering over a video, you can watch a preview of it.

These are just some of the reasons why computer users should not be so quick to ignore Bing. Yes, Google continues to be the go-to player with regards to search engines. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the only good option today.

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