Five Excel Tips to Impress Your Boss

You would love to get that promotion, or perhaps you are in search of that elusive raise. Maybe you simply want to secure your job in this down economic time. But whatever the motive, you are looking for ways to impress your supervisor.

Why not look into Excel? This spreadsheet program may seem like just a basic, albeit important, business tool, but the truth is that there are several lesser-known Excel tips that can help you work more efficiently.

  • Hiding Information: You may wonder why you would want to hide particular information in a spreadsheet. Well, suppose the spreadsheet which has all your data with regards to the company also has everyone’s salary. That is confidential information that you don’t want to reveal at the meeting. Simple hide the column or row by clicking the related number or letter to highlight it, then right-click on that highlighted row or column and select the Hide option from the popup menu. You can then Unhide the row or column in the same way once the meeting is over.
  • Timestamping: You can attach a fixed date and time to your Excel spreadsheets utilizing your computer’s “Ctrl” key. In order to do this, hold Ctrl while you press the semicolon key. For the current date and time just hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys while pressing the semicolon.
  • A Better-Looking Spreadsheet: Give your spreadsheet a fresh look by using Excel’s Themes option. You will find this in the Excel Ribbon, at the top. Click it, and you will be given a huge selection of fonts, and color schemes that you can apply to your spreadsheet. You can also create your own!
  • Tracking Trends: The latest version of Excel comes with a feature called Sparklines. By employing this feature, you can create small charts that show trends in information. For instance, you might use Sparklines to instantly determine how many software bundles each of your company’s salespeople sold in the first half of 2011.
  • Conditional Formatting: This lets you format only certain cells, you can decide on a criteria, and any cells that fall within it will be a certain color. This feature will be helpful to get a quick visual read of your spreadsheet.

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