Remote Workers: Benefits and Managerial Tips

Remote working is becoming more common in the business world today. This is possible because of advancements in technology; i.e. smartphones, tablets, and the growing number of public places that have WiFi. There can be numerous advantages for the employer and the employee. Remote workers are often more productive, and they are less of a drain on the company resources. For example, you don’t have to have office space and furniture for remote works. And the advantage of adjusting their schedule to fit their life is a major plus for the employee.

Remote Worker Challenges

A major concern for many managers when deciding to have remote workers is, how does one monitor their work? How do you know that they’re actually working and not just watching movies all day?

Employers can take care of this predicament by setting reasonable deadlines for their remote employees and expecting these workers to meet them. What should matter for employers is that work is done in timely manner. It shouldn’t matter if workers complete their tasks from midnight to four in the morning.

Setting Remote Worker Deadlines

Setting deadlines is the simplest way to monitor the work being done by remote workers. Supervisors can set short-term and long-term goals or make something due every Friday. In addition, a manger could have a weekly or biweekly meeting via cellphone or video chat to catch up on the progress of projects. This can put the supervisor and employee at ease.

Off-Site Not a Permanent Condition

Working remotely requires personal discipline and good time-management skills. Individuals who are chronic procrastinators may not work best remotely. If employees aren’t hitting deadlines, or are turning in sub-par work then off-site working doesn’t have to be a permanent privilege. For remote working to be a success there must be trust between the employee and the employer. To maintain this trust the employee must hit their deadlines and the employer needs to be focused on the results.

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