Embracing VoIP Technology

Do you know what VoIP is? VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a technology that enables people to make calls via the Internet rather then use a traditional landline. VoIP is very cost effective and can save businesses, of any size, between 30 and 50 percent on their phone expenses.

In today’s economy many businesses are still struggling and they are looking to cut costs anyway they can. So it seems like switching to VoIP would be a no-brainer for businesses in this position, right? But are businesses embracing this technology in order to save money, or are they hesitant to make the change?

A Move Toward VoIP?

Heavy Reading recently did a study that shows that not as many organisations as you would think are making the switch to VoIP. The same study, however, shows that number is changing. The study shows that in 2011 around 31% of businesses in North America used VoIP. Heavy Reading has predicted that by 2015 this figure will rise to 66.6%.

Businesses are Switching to VoIP

So, the study shows that the amount of businesses that will use VoIP will double by 2015. Currently, traditional circuit-switch phone lines constitute 68 percent of business lines in North America. So by 2015 will there really be such a significant change? This is hard to say but as people get more informed about the advantages of VoIP it is probable that business owners will make the shift in the next few years, even if it’s not as fast as the Heavy Reading study predicts.

A Bright Future for VoIP and Business

VoIP technology cuts costs for companies while providing voice communication that is as clear as a conventional landline. Another great thing about VoIP technology is that people don’t have to change their behavior; the phones work the same as landlines. So, move over landlines, here comes VoIP.


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