Getting the Most out of Gmail

Gmail, Google’s email system, is steadily growing in popularity. This isn’t a surprise; Google hasn’t created too many products that prove unpopular with consumers. But are you using Gmail to its fullest potential? Below you’ll discover some ideas to help you organize your inbox.

Label your messages: Applying labels to your messages visually arranges your inbox so you know what emails you have to address first. For example, if there are a few emails that you need to deal with before the others you can tag them with a red “Important” label. Or, if you are organizing a vacation, you can apply a green “Vacation” label to any confirmation emails that come in.

Free up space with archiving: Is the number of emails in your inbox fast approaching the 5,000 mark? Then it might be time to archive your messages. This nifty feature from Google allows you to place messages that you do not need right now but don’t want to delete to the “All Mail” folder. Unlike messages that you place in “Trash,” emails archived in “All Mail” don’t disappear forever after 30 days.

Add a signature: Everyone should have an email signature, it saves so much time because you don’t have to type your name and contact info at the bottom of every email. After you have created a signature, Gmail will automatically drop it into the bottom of your emails.

Filter your incoming messages: Gmail can automatically filter your incoming emails. For example, if you are currently accepting applications for a job opening, you can create a filter that sends any email with the words “resume” or “application” to a file you’ve created called “Applicants”. Or if you want all of the emails that come from your supervisor to be labeled as “Urgent”, you can do that with this feature.


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