Clear Your Inbox of Spam

Most of us get a lot of spam, but we don’t need to waste our time searching through it on a daily basis. By using filters, we can do a lot to regulate what gets into our inbox.

The Power of Filters

You can create a whitelist filter. This means that you use the filtering options in your email to create filters that whitelist all your important emails, keeping them in your inbox, while delivering all other emails into a less important folder. After that you can check those folders when you have time to see what is coming in and if it’s important or not.

A More Subtle Serving of Spam

You might not have heard of the less in-your-face type of spam called bacn (pronounced "bacon"). This type of spam includes emails like catalogs and coupons. Commonly they are things you opted into at some point but you no longer want to receive.

One good way to handle these emails is to create a filter that isolates all emails that have the word “unsubscribe” in it. This works because every email that you can opt into must have an unsubscribe option in it. Of course you could always manually unsubscribe from these emails, but that’s very time intensive.

These two easy steps will help purge your inbox of its spam and they will certainly make you a more productive computer user. So before you spend the next 30 minutes deleting the spam or bacn from your inbox, make sure to set up the filters that will ensure that your most important messages stay a priority.

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