Extend the Life of Your Smartphone Battery

Those of us which have smartphones love them, but we understand they have one major fault. Their batteries do not last long enough. It’s very frustrating because you have a smartphone for a reason. You can send emails, listen to music, and make calls, but all smartphones are limited by their battery life.

The problem comes down to this: Smartphones do too much. And by doing so, they consume more than their fair share of power. There are steps, though, that you can take to enhance the life of your smartphone’s battery. By shutting off some of your phone’s extra features, you may be able to pull enough juice out of your battery to keep your smartphone humming the entire day.

Dimming that smartphone screen

A bright, cluttered screen display sucks the life out of batteries. By switching your screen’s brightness level to the lowest you can stand, you’ll already be doing a lot to increase the lifespan of your smartphone’s battery.

Screen lighting

You can also change the number of seconds your screen stays lit after you have touched it. The more your screen stays lit once you have stopped using it, the more your battery will empty.


One more thing you may not know is that Bluetooth devices are a constant drain on your battery. They actively search for signals coming in and this uses up your smartphone’s power. If you realize you aren’t going to get calls for a lengthy period, like in a theatre or a meeting, turn your Bluetooth off. This will extend your smartphone’s battery, at least until you get home.


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