The End of the Road for Some Gadgets and Technologies

New technologies appear all the time, and when they do we swap our old tech with bigger and better gadgets. But what happens to the old tech? We often let them fade into history. A good example of this is the landline telephone. Some people still have them in their home but they’re being replaced by cell phones. And it’s not difficult to imagine that in the very near future they’ll no longer be a household item.

It’s an intriguing evolution that technology goes through. So we thought we would highlight a few of the technologies that may disappear in the next ten years.

Fax Machines: It seems like this should have been completely replaced by email some time ago but it’s still hanging on. Most people dread sending a fax now-a-days, but there was a time when this was revolutionary.

Newspaper Classified Ads: The Huffington Post fairly recently listed newspaper classified ads as an endangered species. That’s mostly due to the online garage sale that is Craigslist. By giving people the opportunity to advertise their used futons for free, Craigslist delivered a fatal body blow to newspaper-classified sections across the nation.

Film-Based Cameras: People love film, and it has taken some time to phase it out, but there is no denying that the digital camera changed photography forever. Kodak has felt this transition more then most, so much in fact that the company is no longer making cameras. People like digital cameras because they can save their photos easily and make prints without needing to save negatives that decay. We shall see how much longer film-based cameras last, but they are definitely on their way out.

The Calculator Watch: Remember when nerds everywhere wore calculator watches strapped to their wrists? There was no better way to calculate the tip on that burger and fries. PCWorld, though, recently listed the calculator watch on its list of the 40 biggest losers of obsolete technology. Blame both fashion sense and cell phones. Every cell phone today comes with its own calculator. And fashion sense? Well, those calculator watches never were that attractive.

The Video Arcade: The video arcade could be dying as well. Older gamers remember hoarding quarters so they could later feed them into Pac-Man and Space Invaders consoles at their local malls. Those days have ended, though. Gamers today prefer experiencing their video adventures from the convenience of their own homes.

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