Do Not Waste Money on Antivirus Software for Your Phone

In recent months Antivirus software has failed to recognize and contain some huge malware attacks. This has caused it to take a beating in the media.

Antivirus Not Necessary on Smartphones?

In fact, it may not be essential. Many people do a good deal of their computing via smartphone now-a-days. People check their email, social media, and surf the web all on their smartphones. On a regular PC they must count on antivirus software to shield them against malware when doing these tasks. However, antivirus software is built for PCs not smartphones. If antivirus developers don’t build something truly compatible with smartphones they are losing out on a lucrative market.

Smartphones vs. PCs

Smartphones operate differently from PCs. The apps on smartphones work on their own working environment, within their own systems and don’t interact. The apps do not interact. This makes smartphones more secure, as malware can’t attack all of the systems simultaneously. This inherently makes antivirus software almost unneeded.

Another reason the separation of apps makes antivirus software less useful on smartphones is that current software cannot scan each and every app. Due to this, current antivirus software does little to combat the malware that can attack smartphones.

Smartphone Antivirus Programs

That hasn’t stopped companies from offering antivirus apps for smartphones. As an example VirusBarrier, which is an antivirus program that smartphone users can buy in Apple’s App Store. The problem is that the program doesn’t scan anything on a smartphone since it can’t. Consumers, then, who want to scan email attachments have to send it to VirusBarrier from within their mail program. This is not only aggravating, it’s also fairly worthless. Consumers should consider this good news. There actually is no reason for them to waste their money on antivirus software for their smartphones.

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