Technology That is on the Cutting Edge

Each year, the writers at technology and business magazines identify those gadgets that are on the cutting-edge. These are the tech tools that can potentially change our lives. Of course, no one can predict with any certainty which gadgets may become mainstays and which could go the way of the laser disc. But the editors at Inc. Magazine recently took a shot at predicting the latest technology that might change our world. Here are some of their picks:


The V-MODA VAMP acts as an amplifier for the iPhone 4 or 4S. It adds volume and quality to the sound that these devices can deliver. One of the benefits about this is that as well as enhancing the sound the iPhone can produce, it also lengthens the battery life as it provides a back-up battery.

Alice Receptionist

The Alice Receptionist is a video-based virtual receptionist that can change the way you staff your office. The Alice Receptionist uses a sensor to recognize when guests arrive to your workplace. These guests may then tap a touchscreen to make contact with your employees or talk with them through video or voice services. Best of all, this virtual receptionist is simple for businesses to master.

Microsoft SmartGlass

Through the use of SmartGlass, which is created by Microsoft, you can turn your tablet or smartphone into a controller for your HDTV. It permits you to simply use gestures on your device to manage music, games, and videos on your TV. This technology is not out quite yet but the people at Inc. think it’ll be a game changer.

You never know what technologies are going to make a splash but the three above have received a great deal of attention.


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