Apps to Aid You During an Emergency

There may be a lot of frivolous apps available, but not all of them are. There are some out there that will even help you in emergency situations. We would like you to be prepared, so we have detailed three apps that will not just help you in small emergencies, like your car breaking down, but larges ones as well, like tornadoes.


This app has existed for a while and is quite popular. It is a locator app that gives you the ability to find anything from a gas station to a hospital in your area. You can see how this might come in handy, if say, you are in a strange town and your kid unexpectedly gets hurt. You can simply open AroundMe and select the hospital category to locate the closest hospital to you.

CPR & Choking

In emergency situations individuals are at risk of loosing their cool, so this app is useful for people who have had training in CPR or people who never have. It offers you full instructions, videos, and tips on how to perform CPR if someone near you is choking. The University of Washington, in conjunction with the King County EMS, created this app to help people save lives, so not surprisingly, it is free.

Emergency Radio Free

This app gives you access to police, fire, weather, and other live emergency radio feeds around the globe. You can elect to only tune into the ones in your neighborhood to help you stay up to date if there is a local emergency, a tornado, for example, or an armed criminal on the loose.

Nothing can truly safeguard you against emergencies, but these apps can help you stay aware and be prepared if something were to happen. They can give you a little more piece of mind.


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