Manage Your Employees the Smart Way with These 3 Apps

It is very tough to start a business; this is why a great number of start-ups fail in the first few years. So make managing your employees easier by using some of the many apps that are available on the market to help you. The following three apps are some of the best to boost productivity and manage your employees.

Labor Time Tracker

It feels a bit old-fashioned to have your employee’s punch in and out using physical time sheets. A better option is Labor Time Tracker, an app that costs about $4.95 a month for every employee. Using this app, employees punch in their hours on a virtual card. This allows you to see immediately who is working and who is out for the day. Labor Time Tracker also tracks overtime hours and pay. It will work, too, in several time zones.


Trello is one of many organization apps created to keep business owners on task, but Trello does differ in one crucial way: It lets business owners add employees and contractors to their various to-do lists. By doing this, everyone in a company can see these lists whilst keeping tabs on what must be done throughout the day. Trello also lets business owners allocate tasks to their employees and send them messages related to the business’s various to-do lists.


TribeHR is one of the most widely used and highest ranked HR apps available on the market. It is very powerful; you can track days off, schedule assessments, and keep up-to-date employee records. Plus, on top of everything it is inexpensive. It’s only $2 a month for each user. With this app you will be able to keep track of things as if you had a large HR department.

In the current economy it is difficult enough to build a small business. Make your life easier by utilizing the many apps on the market that are built to help small business owners keep things organized.


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