The Military’s New Tech Just Might Surprise You

The military is an innovator when it comes to developing new technology. In fact, the U.S. armed forces are coming up with some tech that just might change your life.
Some of what they are working on might shock you.

The laser gun

Science fiction fans have long wondered when we’d get those cool laser guns from Star Wars and Star Trek. Well, the military now has an operational laser gun, a device referred to as Excalibur. The Department of Defense has long worried about the destruction that conventional weapons can create in urban warfare. That’s where laser guns come in. The Department of Defense’s DARPA unit is now developing laser weapons that are 10 times lighter than existing combat lasers. The goal is to one day create 10-kilowatt devices that can be used in precision strikes against ground and air targets.

The doctor is in – your body

DARPA is developing nanoparticles that fight disease and illness in the human body. This could transform the medical industry and the program is moving very quickly. They are already testing this nanotechnology on larger animals.

Thermal imaging on the cheap

This is not a new technology. The U.S. military has been employing it for a very long time. Nevertheless, it’s always been a little pricey. That is why DARPA created their Low Cost Thermal Imager manufacturing program. Thermal imaging has a lot of application in our world when applied to current technologies. Hopefully as it becomes less costly, we will see its appearance in things like cell phones and eyeglasses.


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