Which Browser is Right for You

There are lots of options for web browsers nowadays. Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and the well known Explorer are all viable options. But what is it about a person that makes them choose to use one over another. Does your choice in browsers say something regarding your identity? Blogthings.com thinks so.

Different Key Strokes for Different Folks

Blogthings.com thinks that Chrome users are more adventurous. They are willing to try new things, even when those things haven’t been tested.

If you use Firefox, according to Blogthings you are untamed. On the other hand, if you use Explorer you are down-to-earth and are not quick to make drastic changes in your life. And how about Opera? Then you are innovative and adaptive. It’s easy for you to think outside the box, according to the article.

Explorer Still Number One

Of course, Internet Explorer is still the most popular web browser out there, according to the numbers. The website W3Counter states that Explorer holds a market share of 28.8 percent in the browser world. Second is Chrome, with 26.4 percent. Firefox comes in third with a market share of 23.3 percent, while Safari pulls up fourth with 6.2 percent. Opera ranks fifth with a market share of 2.3 percent.

Searching for the Right Browsers

People chose to use different browsers for a number of reasons and speculating what that says about your personality is intriguing. Ultimately though, we suggest you try a number of browsers instead of sticking to the one that came with your computer. This is the best technique to find which one meets your needs.

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