Commercial Antivirus Software Is Not Really Protecting our Computers

Most of us think it’s vital that you keep your antivirus software up to date. This is how we can protect our systems from viruses. Recently MIT’s Technology Review published an article that contradicts this “given” we have all lived by.

Antivirus Software: Unreliable?

The antivirus software that we have paid for and long trusted to safeguard our information might not be effective. The technology is running a race with malware programs and malware is winning. More sophisticated and challenging to detect malware comes out every day and this is very concerning to those of us who access the Internet on a day-to-day bases.

Burned by Flame

An example of malware that is has puzzled antivirus software for the last couple years is Flame. Flame infects a pc and copies audio, keystrokes, network traffic, and documents on that computer. The most concerning part of this is that over the past two years that Flame has been active, no security software has been developed to successfully discover it.

An Industry Under Siege

According to the Technology Review story, Flame isn’t the only malware that gets by standard antivirus software. There are several other examples the story covers but one antivirus firm labeled Flame as an example of a failure in the antivirus industry. All this means is your computer may be more prone than you had previously thought. That is not to say that you should not take every strategy possible to protect your computer by installing and updating antivirus software. Hopefully antivirus technology will catch up and become as sophisticated as some of the malware out there.


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