Translation Apps: Apps That Speak Your Language and Many Others

You’re traveling overseas this summer for the family vacation of a lifetime. Or maybe you need to travel to a foreign country for business. Dilemma is, you don’t speak the language. There’s hope, though, and you can get it from your smartphone. Tech companies today offer a wide range of translation apps for tourists and business professionals that are traveling the globe. Here are several of the best of these apps for travelers who need to surmount those language barriers.


Jibbigo is available for both the iPhone and Android and costs $4.99. It has an incredibly massive dictionary and can translate almost any language you run into. To translate, all you need to do is speak into your phone and it will provide you with a translation either by voice or written word. Among the best things about this app is that you don’t need to be hooked up to a network to use it. So if your adventures take you to faraway locations, this app is for you.

Dean Foster’s Culture Guides

These guides are a bit more advanced than Jibbigo. As Burke writes, the guides are available for 12 countries so far. The apps provide users with an overview of these countries, maps, weather reports, and currency exchange rates. Naturally, it also provides solid translation services.

Word Lens

If you need to translate the written word, Word Lens is a great app. It utilizes your smartphones camera. You take a picture of a sign, menu, book, etc. and the app will convert it for you. You will see how this could be convenient. The only languages this app currently works with are Spanish, French, Italian, and English. The basic app is free, but if you need to buy any of the languages it will cost you $4.99 per language.


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