Two Tricks to Make Your Computing Life Easier

Most of us use computers everyday whether it’s a desktop, laptop, and/or tablet. And we can use all the help we can get. Here are a couple tricks which will make life easier for you, and hopefully ease some stress.

Forcing Android to check for system updates

You have probably seen that your operating system gets updates relatively regularly. But there’s no way of knowing when your particular device will receive a specific update. This can be some what annoying as you may be awaiting an update to fix a bug or give you an interesting new service. You can choose to wait for the update to be released to you, or you can force your device to search for updates. The website Ghack explains how you can force your Android to update: First go to the “Settings” menu. Select “Apps” and choice “Show All.” Then look for the “Google Services Framework” and click on the “Clear Data” option. Finally, click the “Force Stop” button. Your device will then search for any updates available and retrieve them.

Protecting your eyes

You probably spend a lot of time in front of computer screens, whether you’re gazing at a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. This can, over the long term, damage your eyes. Fortunately, the Atlantic recently ran a short list of ways to safeguard your eyes when computing. First, you can lower the glare on your screens by cleaning them often and by making sure that they are the brightest objects in the area. Next, sit at least an arm’s length away from your computer. The Atlantic recommends the “high-five” test. If you cannot high-five your computer screen without bending your arm, you’re sitting too close. Do not forget, either, to blink often. As the Atlantic story says, computer screens have a way of making people stare for unhealthy amounts of time. Finally, the Atlantic recommends that you take a “20-20-20″ break. After every 20 minutes looking at a screen, take a 20-second break to investigate what is happening 20 feet away from you.

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