Which Technology is Best for You

It feels like we read about a new tablet or smartphone coming onto the market everyday. This may put pressure on people in the business world to invest in the latest and greatest tech.

Diff’rent folks, diff’rent tech

But, not everybody needs the latest and greatest. Some individuals might, but others can get by with using the same tech for years. Before buying your next piece of technology it can be beneficial to analyze your lifestyle to find out what tech is necessary.


Think about tablets, they are handy, fun, and can make life simpler for some people. But they are not a necessity for all consumers. If you do most of your computing at home or in the office, and you have a smartphone to pull up your email messages when you’re on the go, you may not need a tablet. Many of the basic things you can do with a smartphone you’re able to do with a tablet. However, if you are a person who does most of their computing on the go, in the coffee shop or while travelling, you very well may need a tablet.

The Smartphone revolution

Smartphones are handy devices that let us send and receive email and surf the web. Many people in the business world have them these days. But do we all need them? Some of us might just need a normal phone. This, again, has to do with what you need access to while on the go. If you receive many emails that are time sensitive you’ll need a device, like a smartphone, that alerts you when you get an email. In contrast if you only check your email while in the office, then it could be beneficial to only have a normal phone so you aren’t reminded of work during your off hours.

The point is that the next time the new iPad or Android device comes out, think about your lifestyle. Will you actually take advantage of the new advancements that come installed in this new great gadget? If not, it may not be worth your money.


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