What Matters When You Are Hunting for a New Laptop

What really matters when you’re shopping for a new laptop? New York Times writer Sam Grobart suggests that it’s not processor speed or a laptop’s graphics card that counts. Instead, typical laptop buyers – those who want to search the Internet, watch movies, send e-mail messages, and write reports on their machines – examine more down-to-earth measures of a laptop’s worth. Mainly, Grobart advises that consumers look at such mundane factors as a laptop’s weight, screen size, and memory.

Weight matters

The reason that weight is so important might be obvious. Laptops are supposed to be portable. The more it weighs, the more stress it will put on your back as you tote it around. Search for a laptop that is less than 6 pounds. The good news is, most laptops weigh less then that.

Screen size

If one of the main activities you need a laptop for is to watch movies a good standard is to choose a screen that measures 13 inches diagonally or more. A thirteen inch screen is the ideal size in Grobart’s opinion, as it is large enough to watch movies but it still fits in most bags.


One critical feature to look out for is how much RAM a laptop has. Most consumers are going to need laptops that have at least 4 gigabytes of RAM. If you opt for anything less, your computer will be too slow and may create lag when you are streaming movies. One helpful tip that Grobart gives is that when you are using your laptop, either keep it plugged in or keep your power cord on hand. This way you don’t have to worry about the battery.


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