Which tablet should you buy? (You might be surprised)

Hunting for a tablet today can be challenging. Considering that, there are so many versions of these remarkable devices available today. Bookseller Barnes & Noble offers its own tablet. Amazon has long offered its own versions, while the iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets are always fighting for consumer dollars. Nonetheless the editors of at least one Web site list an unexpected choice as being the best tablet on the market today: the iPad Mini.

The Benefits of the Mini

The writers with the WireCutter technology blog point to the iPad Mini’s size as the primary reason why it stands as today’s top tablet. The bottomline is, the iPad Mini, while equally powerful as its bigger cousin, weighs a whole lot less. This solves a challenge the standard iPad has long had: They weigh too much. According to WireCutter, the main issue with the iPad is that users can’t hold it as if it was a magazine. Which, really, is the ultimate objective of a tablet, the Web site says. The iPad really feels more like a coffee table book or telephone book, which is unacceptable to the editors of WireCutter. Precisely what is acceptable? The weight of the iPad Mini.


Best of all, the iPad Mini, even though smaller than the iPad, performs equally well as its bigger cousin. The writer of the WireCutter blog wrote about totting both models of the iPad in a bag, watching movies on both devices and hauling them around the house. The outcome was clear: The Mini was much more comfortable to support. And watching movies, reading books, listening to music, browsing the web and playing games was not less impressive on the scaled-down device.

The right recommendation?

The WireCutter recommendation, though, mustn’t be taken as the last word on the subject. The advice represents the viewpoint of their Web site’s staff. Your thoughts and opinions might vary. Fortunately, you have a lot of tablets to select from. After you do your research, you may find you prefer the Kindle Fire, the Nook Tablet, Samsung Galaxy or perhaps the traditional iPad to the Mini. The WireCutter review, however, is really a compelling piece of evidence that the Mini isn’t a mere novelty act. It is a honest contender in the ever more congested tablet world.

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