Peripherals to improve your Windows 8 experience

Windows 8 represents a revolution for manufacturer Microsoft. It is the first Windows operating system to incorporate touch-screen and gesture-based features. Consider Windows 8 a nod to the future; a growing number of tablet and smartphone users have become used to poking, swiping and holding to manipulate their electronic devices. Now Windows is enabling them to do this with their laptops and desktop computers. There is a hitch, though. When you run Windows 8 with an older machine that does not feature touch-screen technology, you’ll have to access the operating system’s features the old-fashioned way, using your mouse and keyboard. If you run Windows 8 on a tablet, you’ll miss out on those features that work best with traditional mouse and keyboard controls. Fortunately, there are several peripherals you can buy that will help allow you to make the most of all of Windows 8′s features without needing to buy an entire new computer, whether you run the operating system using a pc or a tablet. Here, courtesy of PC Magazine, are a few of these peripherals.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Typing on the tablet’s on-screen keyboard is never an enjoyable experience. And when you’re using Windows 8, that’s particularly so. Fortunately, you can use the Microsoft Wedge Portable Keyboard. This robust keyboard provides more room for your fingers. In addition, it includes several Windows 8 features and shortcuts built in, letting you get the most from your new Windows 8 operating system. And when you wish to turn your tablet into a desktop? The keyboard’s removable cover turns into a tablet stand.

Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad

There’s a good reason why the editors at PC Magazine named the Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad their top choice for Windows 8 mice: This touchpad replicates the many nifty touch-screen features of the operating system for users who are still relying on traditional mouse-and-keyboard-powered desktops and laptops. If you want the complete touch-screen-enhanced Windows 8 experience, make sure you purchase this peripheral.

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace

It appears to be a USB flash drive, however the Kingston DataTraveler Workspace actually contains Windows To Go, a portable and bootable form of Windows 8. This means that you can bring the Windows 8 operating system — or at least the portable form of it — to the PC of your choice. Best news? It possesses a good reputation for being secure.

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