The cult of Evernote?

Can a cult develop around an organization app? If it’s Evernote, the five-year-old note-taking and organization application that’s growing with an amazing speed, the answer is an absolute “yes.” Evernote has captivated an expanding base of devoted fans, fans happy to spread the word about this application for free, fans that may never consider using any other note-taking software, as outlined by an interesting feature recently run by BloombergBusinessweek.


How popular is Evernote? According to the BloombergBusinessweek story, Evernote presently has more than 50 million users worldwide. Plus the number of users remains on the rise. The story says that more than 100,000 new users sign up for Evernote each day. That’s impressive. And the BloombergBusinessweek interview quotes CEO Phil Libin as saying that his goal is to soon reach 1 billion users.

The secret

This popularity may seem surprising to people who still take notes on pen and paper. However, fans of Evernote say that new users become devotees quickly for one reason: Evernote makes sense of increasingly busy lives. It’s not easy to keep track of children’s baseball practices, work meetings, lunch with friends, and family outings. Evernote, though, allows users to do this quickly and easily, by using, basically, just three columns on a screen. The Evernote promise is a simple, but powerful, one: If you use this app, you’ll never inadvertently forget a phone call, meeting or anniversary again. Looking at it this way, that goal of 1 billion users doesn’t seem so farfetched.

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