Why one tech writer switched to Android

The iPhone continues to be the dominant smartphone in the industry. That does not mean, though, that everyone loves it. In fact, Android smartphones are siphoning a lot of users from the realm of iPhones. Andy Ihnatko is one such user. And he’s a special user. He’s a tech writer, so he knows what makes for a good smartphone. So his switch means something. Fortunately, he’s written all about it for the Web site TechHive.

The big switch

Ihnatko writes that he’s long been a fan of the iPhone. He obtained the first generation of the device. And did it during the period when AT&T provided an unlimited data plan. He still had that unlimited plan prior to making the decision to switch to an Android smartphone. What’s that mean? It means that Ihnatko really must like Android to give up that unlimited data plan.

Color him impressed

Ihnatko is so impressed with Android phones that he’s willing to give up the unlimited data plan from AT&T that was included with his iPhone, a plan he obtained by becoming among the first buyers of the first-generation iPhone. For a writer like Ihnatko, who is constantly Tweeting, checking e-mail and watching videos on his smartphone, abandoning an unlimited data plan is a big deal. And it symbolizes a big commitment on his part to move to Android phones.

What makes it better?

So, why is Android better, as stated by Ihnatko? First, Android phones come with better keyboards, he writes. This is very important for anyone who answers several e-mail messages and sends out several Tweets a day. Then there’s screen size. Ihnatko states that the screen on his iPhone now seems tiny compared with the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S III. And in today’s mobile world — when we spend considerable time watching video and accessing the Web via our smartphones, that larger screen means a lot.

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