Do you like Microsoft’s new logos?

They say that everyone is a critic. You can see this firsthand at the Quora knowledge-sharing Web site. Just recently, a Quora user took Microsoft to task. This user wasn’t annoyed that Windows 8 was clunky and counter-intuitive. The user wasn’t mad, either, that Internet Explorer didn’t return the best search results. No, this user took Microsoft to task for its shortage of artistic ambition. Yes, that’s right.

A Quora Critic

A user on the Quora knowledge-sharing site just recently gave a negative assessment to the new logos that Microsoft introduced with its Windows 8 and Office 2013 releases. The logos identify the various programs that users can select from, from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Word to Microsoft Excel. The Quora user alleged that Microsoft’s graphic designers took the easiest way out with these unquestionably simplified logos. Creating these images, the user suggested, must have taken Microsoft all of 5 minutes.

Not Everyone Agrees

Quora is a website that promotes debate. And debate quickly followed the original user’s criticisms. A small army of Quora users argued that Microsoft’s new logos – including ones for Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Office – are actually rather stunning in their simplicity. Others argued that just because a logo is simple doesn’t mean it didn’t demand as much thought and planning as more intricate designs. In fact, the prevailing theme of the counterargument is that in some cases simplicity is best. When it comes to computer graphics, sleek, simple logos are often the best.

The Trend

The fans of Microsoft’s new logos may be right. The goal of the icons is to let users understand what program will pop up after they click on the icon. And the logos communicate this information well. You instantly recognize which icon will open Microsoft Publisher and which will open Microsoft’s new cloud services. And if a logo does that? Then who cares if it’s simple?

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