Looking for an operating system? Windows is still the best

It’s fun to pick on Windows 8. Microsoft’s new edition of Windows has been castigated in the technology press. Quite a few have even charged it in part for the weak sales of PCs. But Windows 8 – as well as the Windows operating system in general – has some supporters. A prominent vote of confidence came in a recent PC World feature by Brad Chacos. The writer said that despite its flaws, Windows 8 still offers ultra powerful features lacking in its competitors. Chacos went so far as to write that Windows 8 is, in lots of ways, actually the best desktop operating system available.

The Offerings

What’s the biggest reason for this affection? Chacos suggests the massive library of software that accompanies Windows 8. No other operating system supplies the variety and breadth of software that comes with Windows operating systems.

Syncing Matters

Apple’s iCloud service has received excellent reviews. But Chacos writes that Microsoft justifies more praise for the syncing abilities built into Windows 8. As Chacos writes, you just need a Microsoft online account to immediately sync files, videos, photos and reports to any other computer running Windows 8. You can also quickly synch everything from browser specifications to desktop preferences. This syncing ability very easily outpaces iCloud and the syncing abilities of any other operating system, Chacos writes.

The Browser

It’s almost as much fun to complain about Internet Explorer as it is to bash Windows 8. But Chacos shows that Explorer has actually turned into a nifty browser in recent times, spurred on, perhaps, by Firefox. Today, the browser is both easy to use and customize. Moreover, Internet Explorer actually ranks as one of the most secure browsers according to computer-security company Symantec, one more reason why Explorer doesn’t warrant its bad rap.

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