No joke: MacBook Pro the best Windows laptop

Another embarrassment for Microsoft? Looks like it. Following the critical drubbing the company has had for Windows 8, a PC services company has now ranked the 13-inch MacBook Pro as being the laptop that does the best job running Windows software. And, yes, the MacBook Pro is produced by Microsoft rival Apple.

The Report

CNET recently reported on a study by Soluto that considered the frequency of frustrating events on Windows laptops. The study looked at everything from crashes to blue screens to hang-ups. The laptop that experienced the fewest of those annoying events? The 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Better Performance

As CNET states, every Windows installation on the MacBook Pro is clean. They software runs as it was made to run. And crashes are uncommon. Soluto even refers to other, traditional PC makers as installing too much “crapware” on their laptops.

Fewer Frustrations

Crashes are a too-frequent problem on many Windows laptops. Not so on the MacBook Pro. According to the Soluto analysis, Windows programs set up on the MacBok Pro crashed less often than they did on laptops made by such PC stalwarts as Dell and Acer. Is this another embarrassment to Microsoft? Certainly.

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