Gadget freak? Love to cook? Check out this site

Do you prefer cooking at home to going out to restaurants? When you cook, do you turn to the latest gadgets to make whipping up dinner a less difficult task? Then the Web site The Sweethome may very well be for you. Found at, the website features an extensive set of reviews for any kitchen gadget you can imagine.

The best-of feature

The site’s most exciting feature? Its best-of lists. If you’re stocking a kitchen and you want the best possible in everything from Dutch ovens to corkscrews, The Sweethome serves as your ultimate guide. A recent visit to the site listed, for example, the top vegetable peeler, cutting board and ice cube tray that you can buy. Yes, there’s a difference among ice cube trays.


The Sweethome doesn’t limit its advice to small purchases. The site also ranks such major kitchen appliances as dishwashers, refrigerators and electric stovetops. These reviews are especially important; they can save you the financial agony of spending big money on an appliance that’s a lemon.

Other tools

The site doesn’t forget about the rest of your home, either. The Sweethome provides reviews of such tools as washing machines, dryers, hammers, screwdrivers, toilets and desks for your home office. Our advice? Before buying anything for your home, whether you’re looking for a blender or a computer chair, log onto The Sweethome. You just might turn into a regular visitor.

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