The essentials every business website needs

Your business phone is quiet. Customers aren’t sending you e-mail messages. Even worse, no one’s spending money at your store. Your sometimes worry that you will soon be out of business. There might be a host of reasons for your small business’ struggles. But have you investigated the role your business’ website could be playing? A bad business website is often even worse than no website at all. It could be costing you business.

Help is on the way

Fortunately, Entrepreneur Magazine recently provided tips to small business owners struggling with their Websites. The magazine’s advice? Keep your business site simple, easy to find and straightforward to navigate. If you do this, your website will become a tool for generating business, not driving it away. The magazine’s first suggestion? Be certain your website immediately tells visitors what your business is and what it does. You don’t want customers to have to research your site to figure out exactly what services you provide.

Don’t hide

A good business website really should be easy to find, too. This simply means picking a domain name that’s easy to remember and intuitive. For example, if your company name is Steve’s Landscaping, your website address should be something such as You might like the domain name Nevertheless the chances are that customers won’t be able to find your company website if they don’t already know your online address. The magazine also suggests using the .com extension – which is the one that everybody is familiar with – and to avoid including dashes or numbers in your Web address.

Easy to navigate

You also want to ensure that your site is easy to navigate. Entrepreneur says that your site should include easy to find links and a site map. The site map ought to provide a quick path to your site’s most significant pages.

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