Don’t expect much from Windows 8.1

Has Microsoft made Windows 8 much better with its Windows 8.1 tweak? Not really, says David Pogue, tech writer for the New York Times. In a recent sneak peek of the tweak, Pogue writes that if you’re not much of a fan of Windows 8, you probably won’t like Windows 8.1, as well.

No Start menu

In his preview of Windows 8.1 — Microsoft’s effort to better its struggling Windows 8 operating system — Pogue says that Microsoft did not address the system’s biggest issues. First, Windows 8.1 will not bring back the Start menu. This is certainly odd considering the amount of users have complained loudly about it.

Desktop, Tile issues

Secondly, Windows 8.1 still doesn’t know whether it’s a touch-screen or mouse-and-keyboard system. The system’s TileWorld section works well with touchscreens. But its Desktop section is clearly made to be navigated with a mouse and keyboard. By splitting itself like this, Windows 8.1 doesn’t make anyone happy.

A disappointment

Pogue’s advice is simple: If you aren’t a fan of Windows 8, don’t invest in Windows 8.1. You won’t become a fan of it, either. Our advice? Stick with Windows 7. That’s an excellent operating system.

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