Is Office Mobile a good buy?

Is Office Mobile, the iPhone version of Microsoft’s long-running Office series, really worth a $100 yearly subscription fee? Jill Duffy, a tech reviewer at, says “no.” And she’s right.

Too costly?

Duffy writes that Office Mobile performs well. It does what it’s expected to do. There is however an issue: It’s way too costly.

Not the only game in town

Office Mobile is certainly not the only program that allows you to edit reports, view spreadsheets and create documents on your iPhone. There are plenty of alternatives out there that are free. And Duffy recommends that users, rather than spending nearly $100 a year, depend on a collection of these free alternatives to handle their office-task needs.


Yes, this can require research and trial-and-error testing on your part. But isn’t shaving a $100 expense each year from your budget worth the effort?

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