The PC isn’t dead yet

Don’t trust the hype. Yes, you’ve read in the tech press how the PC era has ended and that tablets have taken over. But is this true? Are PCs really dying? The writers at ITworld, in a recent feature, assert that no, the PC isn’t dying. The truth is, according to ITworld, the PC continues to be necessary as ever.

Bad Signs?

The “PC is dead” movement was fueled by HP’s decision to depart the PC market. ITworld also refers to the comment by the late Steve Jobs that PCs are similar to trucks that people needed when they lived rural lives, but that today everyone drives cars.


ITworld, though, has produced a solid counterargument. First, it points out that the Ford F150 Pickup is always the top-selling vehicle in the United States. That, of course, is a truck. And the reason? People need trucks to work.

PCs and Work

And, ITworld argues, people need PCs to work. You can’t type reports on tablets. You’ll struggle to create spreadsheets or slideshows, too. You’ll want a PC for that. And as long as people in this country continue to work, ITworld says, they’ll continue to need PCs.

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