March 2015 Employee Spotlight


Since starting with Erlach in 2007, Tony has been the gold standard for hard work and high quality. Until recently he often started his day helping open and operate his family's donut shop (The Jelly Donut, and more recently Donut Bistro) before starting his day with Erlach at 8AM. With being a Microsoft MSCE and his experience with the family business, Tony brings technical acumen melded with real world business experience to deliver exceptional results.


Name: Tony ChhethTony Chheth, IT Consultant, MCSE

Title: IT Consultant

How long with Erlach: Going on 8 years.

Kids and/or pets: 2 little ones and a tank of fish.

Favorite Hobby: Working on a hydroponic garden.

What type of mobile phone do you use: Android

Mac or PC: I prefer Windows because it gets less viruses than Mac. Really!

Favorite song, movie and book: I can’t really say I have a favorite of anything.

If you could be any superhero, who it would it be and why: Umm.. Silver surfer? Sure!

Best piece of advice you’ve ever received: Rule #1 – Cardio. Rule #2 – Double-tap.

What’s your favorite part about your job: Interacting with my clients and keeping them current with the latest tech.

What’s at the top of your ‘Bucket List:’ I can’t really say I have any items in my bucket list at all. Can I borrow yours?

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