POSITION OPEN: Marketing Internship

POSITION OPEN: Marketing Internship

Erlach Computer Consulting (ECC) has and immediate opening for a 4 month marketing internship.

The position is 20 to 30 hours a week. The schedule is flexible and established at the start of the internship.

Pay: $12/hr. - $15/hr. contingent on experience.

The Marketing Intern will aid in the execution of ECC’s marketing process.

Job functions:

  • Event planning and coordination
  • Follow-up phone calls
  • Newsletter assembly and distribution
  • Collect and clean client and prospect contact information and data
  • Market and competition research
  • Write press releases/case studies/white papers
  • Apply for industry and community awards.
  • Other functions as needed

Must have:

  • Well-developed writing skills
  • Strong oral communication skills
  • Organizational skills

If interested, please complete the application for employment and submit to hr@Erlach.com.

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