Tim Erlach

Tim Erlach

Founder and Operator of Erlach Computer Consulting

Tim is the founder and main driving force behind the company which bears his name. He brings to the businesses he serves a broad background in Information Technology, a commitment to excellence, a high level of integrity…and a healthy sense of humor.

Friendly customer service can be difficult to find in the IT world, but Tim’s insistence on hiring only bright and personable staff is one of the trademarks that sets Erlach Computer Consulting apart from other firms.

One of Tim’s core skills is the ability to take complex technology challenges and to break them down into simple, efficient business solutions. He speaks in a clear language that business owners and executives can understand.

When he is not leading his team in providing first class IT solutions, Tim can be found providing high level consulting for his clients, helping them to form short term and long term technology strategies. After working with hundreds of clients, Tim is well sought after as a “Virtual CIO,” offering companies the tools to leverage computer systems for business success.

Although Tim derives great pleasure from seeing well designed technological and procedural systems come together, he’s not your typical computer geek. He’s an active outdoorsman who enjoys living in the Sierra Nevada community.

Tim’s firm belief is that Erlach Computer Consulting should be a pillar of the community, an extension of family for its employees, and a trusted advisor for its clients.

Rick Newman

Rick Newman

Co-owner and Network Operations Manager

Rick is the brains behind the organization as he provides Erlach Computer Consulting with the prototypical engineer and computer background necessary to provide the highest level of technology services.

Since his earliest days, Rick has been fascinated with technology and how to fundamentally make things work. He put these talents to work in serving his nation in the U.S. Army and then the National Guard. As a graduate from UNR’s Electrical Engineering program, with an emphasis in computer networking, Rick is firmly rooted in Northern Nevada.

Rick can often be found developing out systems for computer networks, solving hardware and software issues and responding to customer needs on a daily basis. He is the managed services director at Erlach Computer Consulting and makes sure that the entire staff responds to client requests with excellence and professionalism.

Rick started his own computer networking company in 2004, but after meeting Erlach Computer Consulting owner Tim Erlach, they decided to partner together.

Since this time, the two have seen the company grow in both quality of service and number of clients served. Rick has been critical in helping the company take things to a higher level.

When he is not head down in a computer, Rick can be spotted enjoying the outdoors as he is an avid fan of four-wheeling, camping, hiking, backpacking, and fishing.