Online Invoicing Made Simple

Chances are you started your company because you love what you do. You opened your doors because you have a solid product that you believe in.  You probably did not start a business because your paperwork abilities were unrivaled.  Paperwork is an important and necessary evil for any business owner and accurate invoicing cannot be ignored.

How Secure is the Cloud? Part 2

The cloud can be a blessing for small business owners struggling through tough economic times. Instead of purchasing pricey enterprise software, business owners can save their dollars by accessing powerful computing programs in the cloud, from high-end word processors and project-management tools to spreadsheets and Photoshop alternatives.

Cloud Security: Whose Responsibility Is It? Part 1

There are lots of advantages to cloud computing. Backing up important data makes it easily accessible to everyone in your company and frees up space on your servers. You almost certainly have several questions about cloud security and may be wondering if cloud security will protect your client’s data and comply with HIPAA, PCI or Sarbanes-Oxley regulations

The Segway turned 10!

It wasn’t that long ago that inventor Dean Kamen believed his two-wheeled personal transportation device, the Segway, would revolutionize transportation.  Unfortunately, the Segway has grown to be synonymous with technology failure.  Kamen imagined a future filled people zipping around town on a Segway PT scooter to run errands and commute to work. That vision hasn’t quite come to fruition and it’s pretty infrequent that you see someone using a Segway. They’re still around and have recently observed their 10th anniversary

Manage your projects effectively with these online tools

As a small business, there is a good chance you have to manage projects and people that are not always located in one area.  So how do you manage these projects and off location employees while still having the ability to share updates, documents, and delegate tasks? Project management solutions Luckily, for small businesses, there are a number of project management options.  These tools can provide assistance to keep projects on target, and employees and clients connected. Here are a few of the best project management tools available: Basecamp Basecamp is still one of the most preferred online project management tools for entrepreneurs.