The IT Department: Not Coded Breakers

It is a given that you will need to get some assistance from your IT service provider at some time.  However, it is hard for them at times to help you due to their busy schedule, trying to solve a lot of people’s difficult problems.  When requesting IT support, know that they cannot read your mind, and it will help them to solve your problem if you are able to provide as much detailed information as possible in the initial request.  Here are some tips to make the process more streamlined for both of you. Write an Informative Email Subject Line Your company’s IT provider deals with countless requests a day.  Their greatest frustrations come when the requester does not give enough valuable information.  When you send them an email, you should first identify yourself, and tell them where you work.  If your computer is having problems, identify your machine by make and model. Provide them with as much detail as possible.  Simply saying “Help!!!!!!!!” in the request is far from helpful

The Connectivity of Devices

We have talked many times before about how the modern world is becoming more connected, with others and with the world as a whole. Device connectivity may make our lives much simpler by reducing breaks in our work. For example, if you are working on a document at work and want to continue on the commute home,  simply send it to your smartphone and use a voice transcription app to continue your work in the car.

Does Perfectionism Help or Hinder Business

Do you find yourself agonizing over every little detail? Does it take you 3 times as long to carry out a task because you are trying to get it “just right?” If so, you might be a perfectionist? It’s not an uncommon personality trait to see in the business world and it can be an aid to push people to endeavor to do their best.

Protect Your Trademark From the XXX Industry!

Beginning on September 1st 2011, .XXX will be the primary extension for websites of companies in the adult entertainment industry.

The registry in charge of this extension will allow registered trademark holders to 'block' domains corresponding to their trademark so that is is not used by third parties who wish to profit of the notoriety of the said trademark in order to exploit it for adult entertainment purposes.

How To Network On Facebook Without Getting Scammed

Facebook is rapidly evolving from merely a personal hobby to a business necessity.

If your role in your company involves building relationships and networking with your clients, prospects and vendors, there are few more effective tools than Facebook. Perhaps as important, if you’re not actively engaged in Social Media you’re surrendering to your competitors a critical edge.