You Can Google Better

You know how to Google like the best of them right? Perhaps not, there are several tricks you can use to narrow your search so you get the results you desire. We recently read a couple articles on the websites How-To Geek and the Atlantic that highlighted some methods to do this.

Neat Features of Windows 8

The new version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 8, only recently hit the market. And the tech press have already combed through the software. That’s great news for you: The editors at computing publications across the Internet have already given Windows 8 a test drive

Smarter Traveling With Your Smartphone

You wouldn’t think of traveling around the world without your smartphone. After all, that little device can help you quickly change plane reservations, discover the trendiest new restaurants, and find out just how busy the highway to your hotel is. However, there’s one problem: Using your cell phone outside of the United States will cost you big bucks.