Not All Thieves Are Stupid!

I'm passing alond an email that was forwarded to me. I don't claim to have written it. Research shows that it, or similar emails, have been going around since 2006; however, it is good common sense on simple steps to protect your technology from allowing someone to exploit you.

Ransomware: A Truly Frightening Form of Malware

It’s fall, the season of Halloween, and Slate recently ran a truly terrifying story . It focused on the rise of “ransomware,” a new form of malware that is truly creepy, and, unfortunately, very efficient. According to Slate, this is how this specific hack works: You either click on an infected web page or a link in an email message and your computer screen turns gray.

Which Technology is Best for You

It feels like we read about a new tablet or smartphone coming onto the market everyday. This may put pressure on people in the business world to invest in the latest and greatest tech. Diff’rent folks, diff’rent tech But, not everybody needs the latest and greatest.