Erlach Computer Consulting Commits Two Year Contract in Pro Bono Services to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada

Reno, Nev. — May 7, 2012 — Erlach Computer Consulting has committed to provide a two year contract to Big Brothers Big Sisters - Northern Nevada for computer management and services pro bono. Erlach Computer Consulting (ECC) is investing the work and staff talent to the local non-profit to support the organization’s service to the community.

Phishing Scams: Tips On How to Save Yourself From Becoming Prey

One of the top cyber crimes, and the most profitable, are phishing scams.  Large corporations such as Sony have been compromised and accounts of these types of cyber crimes are being reported at a high rate.  Phishing scams are just as dangerous to small business owners as they are to large corporations. Over 300,000 complaints were filed in 2010 to the Internet Crime Complaint Center , a partnership between the National White Collar Crime Center and the FBI.  These grievances were from small businesses and individuals wronged by online phishing scams and a variety of other Internet related crimes.

Phones based on Google’s Android operating system outsold Apple’s iPhone in Q1 of 2010

Phones based on Google's Android operating system outsold Apple's iPhone in Q1 of 2010. This new entry to the market place gives consumer's some options that Apple can't or has been reluctant to offer. Particularly Android offers a choice of different hardware sizes, shapes and styles, and perhaps more importantly, the ability to select your cellular carrier.