Backup & Disaster Recovery

All businesses have critical data they need to protect. If you are a small or medium-sized business, looking after all this data and avoiding downtime is a major problem because of limited
budget and resources. You want to know that your data is safe and secure at all times because sometimes laptops get stolen, email servers fail, someone accidentally deletes a file or, even
worse, an entire folder of business-critical information. Systems get hacked, files get corrupted and as we all know, disasters do happen.

Sometimes things go wrong. When they do, you want to know that there is a plan to help your business in case of a disaster. Erlach Computer Consulting can help you come up with the best plan for your business to minimize downtime and give you there assurance that there will not be a loss in productivity.

We can help. The Erlach team is dedicated to keeping your business' data backed up to help you avoid losing important information in emergency situations

Our Solutions

  • Data Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity

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Data Backup

Safeguard your business’ critical data and systems with data backup solutions. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your important data and files will be stored in a secure and accessible location.

Disaster Recovery

Hopefully you’ll never have to recover from a disaster, but you always need to plan for one. When a disaster hits, you’ll want to know that your IT team has the plan and resources in place to get you back up and running. Our team will work to repair and replace down equipment and get you access to your data and systems by implementing a unique disaster recovery plan optimized for your business.

Business Continuity

It’s one thing to recover from a disaster, it’s another thing to keep working right through it. With Business Continuity, planning and equipment are in place to immediately get you back up and running in the event of a server outage, or even loss of your facility. You need to know that you will be able to access your data and conduct business with minimal interruption. With proper planning, failover servers, and cloud backup, you can keep your data safe and secure and readily accessible. Employees can continue their work to keep your business productive, even during an IT outage.