Helpdesk Support

Our helpdesk allows you to get the answers to all your questions from 'Why won't my email send?' to 'Can you locate x file?' with desktop support. Our team is available for help by phone, email, or web portal for request for remote support. Our helpdesk is available to get you the help you need with all your computer problems quickly and efficiently to help you minimize time spent worrying about IT to let you get back to work.

Our Solutions

  • Live Phone Support
  • Remote Desktop Viewing and Control
  • Co-manage Helpdesk

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Live Phone Support

We understand that when most people want help, the just want to pick up the phone and talk to a person. We staff our help desk from 7AM to 5PM with fulltime helpdesk personnel who are courteous staff and have the patience of Job.

Remote Desktop Viewing and Control

If you’re having trouble accessing something on your desktop, we access it through remote desktop control so we see what you’re seeing. This allows us to remedy your issue as fast and efficiently as possible to allow you to get back to your tasks.

Co-manage Helpdesk

Our co-managed helpdesk give you the ability to see what tickets are open, who opened them, and what their status is. You have the option to decide what tickets we work on, and which ones you handle yourself, or change the priority if needed. If we are just supplementing your IT department, you can use the helpdesk to manage tickets from open to close, or escalate tricky issues to our staff.