Server Solutions

Your server is the main hub of your business— storing most of your critical data, while supporting end-user daily activities and accomplishments. To keep your systems running, you need it to be constantly monitored and maintained. Erlach Computer Consulting will keep your server infrastructure up-to-date with solutions optimized for your business. Through our managed service plans we install, manage, and maintain your servers to minimize downtime.

Our Solutions

  • Specialize in Windows Server Operating Systems
  • Branch Office Optimization
  • RemoteApp and Desktop Technologies
  • Server Virtualization

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Specialize in Windows Server Operating Systems

We manage and maintain any server, but our expertise focuses on Windows Server Operating Systems. Single server, multiple server, virtual, onsite or hosted, we design, install and maintain a server infrastructure built to your specific needs.

Branch Office Infrastructure Solution

Where cloud solutions aren’t a choice, Microsoft’s Branch Office Infrastructure can provide the shared data, centralized management and horse power you need to keep remote offices efficient, productive and secure.

RemoteApp and Remote Desktop Technologies

Microsoft’s RemoteApp and remote desktop technologies are beneficial for the company that wants to keep their operating system and applications in one central, secure and easily-managed location. These solutions allow end-users to access the applications remotely and securely whether using a personal or company owned device. Cost savings can be attained through the use of inexpensive end user devices and more modest connectivity requirements.

Server Virtualization

Having a data center with racks of servers for each application works if you are a large corporation. But it is not ideal for small to mid-sized businesses because of the amount of physical space, environmental considerations, not to mention the money it takes to keep them