Social Media in the Middle East

Social Media in the Middle East

It’s possible you take your access to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms for granted. Maybe you’ve never thought about what a world without news feeds and constant updates and selfies from your friends and acquaintances is like. While there are moments when we’re all fed up of so-and-so’s latest attention-seeking Facebook status or their endless stream of glamorous vacation photos, the stark reality is, if our social media platforms were suddenly taken away from us, many of us would be at a loss.

How To Network On Facebook Without Getting Scammed

Facebook is rapidly evolving from merely a personal hobby to a business necessity.

If your role in your company involves building relationships and networking with your clients, prospects and vendors, there are few more effective tools than Facebook. Perhaps as important, if you’re not actively engaged in Social Media you’re surrendering to your competitors a critical edge.

Facebook users sharing more than they know.

A recent report by Consumer Reports shows that Facebook users are oversharing information. In some cases it is the choice of information posted. In other cases it is a misunderstanding as to who can see it. You may believe you information is available to only a select few when in actuality is may be available to friends or friends, broad networks, or the world as a whole.